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PURE ETCR officially launched with a spectacular event in central Copenhagen on Friday night.

Located in the Danish capital’s Rådhuspladsen, the event brought together some of the key figures from the world’s first all-electric multi-brand touring car championship in the shadow of magnificent City Hall building.

Copenhagen, which aims to be the first net-carbon-neutral capital by 2025, was specially chosen for the Grand Reveal due to its status as a city with electromobility at its heart, something that aligns perfectly with PURE ETCR.

Danish race event confirmed, calendar approaching finalisation

Frank Jensen, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, conveyed his enthusiasm as he welcomed PURE ETCR to race in the Danish capital as part of the 2021 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

CHGP CEO Jac Nellemann and PURE ETCR Series Director Xavier Gavory told the assembled guests and a global digital audience of their excitement about next year’s plans, which will bring the series’ action-packed Battle format to the Bellahøj Park street circuit.

Gavory also confirmed that PURE ETCR’s first full season in 2021 would comprise six events; four in Europe from May to August and two overseas in October and November.

The optimised calendar has been tailored to the series’ philosophy of ‘no air freight’, with sea transport – which causes 100 times less environmental impact – the preferred route.

Energy Station unveiled

The night kicked off with a spectacular light-and-sound show that culminated in the reveal of PURE ETCR’s Energy Station, on which the presentation was staged.

The megastructure will be the centrepiece of the PURE ETCR paddock. Cars will charge together, in full view of race fans, with energy provided from hydrogen generators to ensure decarbonised power and a by-product of water only.

Once fully-charged, PURE ETCR’s cars will produce 500kW peak power (680bhp), making them not only the most powerful touring cars ever made, but the fastest-accelerating too.

Hyundai entry confirmed

Hyundai Motorsport used the Copenhagen event to confirm their entry into PURE ETCR with the Veloster N ETCR, which will compete against the CUPRA e-Racer and the Romeo Ferraris-built Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR in 2021.

Test and Development Driver Augusto Farfus drove the Veloster through the streets of Copenhagen and parked in front of the Energy Station.

He then gave the first public demonstration of the PURE ETCR hydrogen generator, plugging in his Hyundai to demonstrate the quick-charge capabilities that will take each racecar from 10 to 90 per cent battery power in under an hour.


With a peak power of 500kW (equal to 680bhp) delivered by the WAE battery through Magelec Propulsion motors, inverters and gearbox and Brightloop DC-DC converters, the machines that will compete in PURE ETCR are the most powerful touring cars ever made.


Andrea Adamo, Hyundai Motorsport Team Principal, said: “I’m very proud of Hyundai Motorsport being one of the first manufacturers to rise to the challenge presented by the ETCR category and PURE ETCR. The evening in Copenhagen was a great event, not only for the series, but for us as one of the first manufacturers of a full PURE ETCR-spec car. The Veloster N ETCR project was a big technical challenge for us as a company with the new technology, but the performance we have had in testing with the prototype car shows the capabilities we have. I’m looking forward to seeing the car racing in Pure ETCR. Everything about the design of the car, and the technology involved is intended for high-performance, and concept for the race weekend format should definitely provide some exciting action when the competitive weekends begin next year.”


When asked if he would like to race the car in 2021, Farfus responded: “Of course I would love to. It’s 100 per cent my target, but it will be up to [Hyundai Motorsport Team Principal] Mr [Andrea] Adamo to make the call. Motorsport has never seen something like PURE ETCR before; it’s totally new. It has the potential to grow and to be a really big championship worldwide. I’m really enjoying the development programme and really want to be a part of racing this car."


Farfus said what the biggest difference between the Veloster N ETCR and the Hyundai i30 is: “There’s no engine in the front,” he added. “The motor is all behind the driver, so that means the weight distribution is totally different, plus it’s rear-wheel-drive, so the handling is unique for a touring car and the way we prepare the car has to be unique too. It’s extremely powerful and Goodyear has supplied a unique tyre that can be used in all conditions. As well, the race format is so different to what we’re used to in touring cars, so it’s a lot to learn and get used to. I think we’re going to see a great show though.”

Goodyear and TAG Heuer 100 per cent behind PURE ETCR

Founding partners Goodyear and TAG Heuer both put innovation at the heart of what they do, and PURE ETCR are thrilled to partner with two organisations synonymous with performance and success on the racetrack.

Goodyear’s Director Motorsport, EMEA, Ben Crawley, outlined the key technical challenges of creating bespoke electric-vehicle racing tyres; the Eagle F1 SuperSport being of an ultra-strong, all-weather type ensuring lower numbers need to be produced and transported.

TAG Heuer, whose association with top-level motorsport dates back to the 1950s, will also be the series’ official timekeeper, ensuring precise results on-track when flat-out driving often separates the competitors by mere thousandths of a second.

PURE ETCR’s showcase event will take place at Adria International Raceway, Italy, on November 14-15 ahead of its first full season, with global Drivers’ and Manufacturers’ titles on the line in 2021.

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