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What could new Formula E Manufacturer's Liveries look like?

Updated: May 9, 2021

Since BMW and Audi decided to leave Formula E as Manufacturers, and with McLaren showing interest in competing when Formula E Gen3 rules get introduced, there are a lot of rumors as to who would join the Electric Single Seater World Championship's Grid.

As someone who, besides journalism enjoys designing everything related to Motorsport, I decided to design a couple of liveries and maybe spice up those rumors a bit :)

Livery #1: McLaren Formula E Team

This one was an obvious choice since McLaren already expressed that they want to join. This livery is obviously inspired by their Formula 1 livery and the sponsor logos have all been taken from their Formula 1 car. I really like how this livery managed to end up being both full of logos but also evenly spread out, with a blend of aggressive and flowing lines.

Livery #2: Alpine Lotus Formula E Team

Again, Formula 1 inspired, but there is also a bit of their recently presented Le Mans hyper car livery in there as well. One of the rumors that was also heavily featured is the Lotus joining with Alpine as a technical partner and that they could go into Formula E, since Alpine is now everywhere in Motorsport which is great. Wanted to show off the Renault E-Tech and also their national colors in more less a similar way they do in F1 and WEC. Really happy how this one turned out, and nobody ask me how much it took to place all those spikes that are the part of the "Alpine stripe".

Livery #3: Shell Maserati Formula E Team

This is one the rumors that intrigued me the most. Apparently if Ferrari wanted to join Formula E, they would do so as one of their other brands - Alfa Romeo or Maserati. Since I didn't one to do another Formula 1 inspired livery, I decided to go for Maserati. And I really like this one. Somehow all three ended up having blue + red/orange combo, which wasn't planned at all. For this one I took sponsor logos that are connected to both Maserati and Ferrari and tried to make them work with the graphic I decided to go for. One of the things I think would make this livery look really great in real life is the Maserati Trident at the back of the car which would be seen whole in some overhead shots and that would probably look really good.

Livery #4: Hyundai Motorsport Formula E Team

I am a big fan of this possibility, since Hyundai joined PURE ETCR with the Veloster N, and could probably translate that technology into a Formula E car. The Hyundai Livery pattern motif was something that was a big challenge for me to put onto a Formula E car, but I was really happy with the base design. This design came as the result of a poll that I made on my instagram profile and my followers voted for Motorsport Manager as the main sponsor. I put that option there since Formula E has a partnership with the game and as a fan of it, I wanted to see it on as a logo on a livery. The choice who would drive it came so quickly since Jean Karl Vernay is now a Hyundai driver, and with both his experience in ETCR and open wheel racing, I saw him as a clear choice, so I put a couple of his sponsors on there as well.

Hopefully you liked these propositions for the future liveries of the Formula E Grid, and if you have an idea about which Manufacturer's livery I should also design for Formula E, write it in the comments and will do it and update this post accordingly.

If you would like to see some more of my livery, helmet and other designs, check out my portfolio page. Also, I would also like to thank the good people of the International Motorsport Graphics Forum, who hooked me up with these awesome livery templates!

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