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Quarantine time: Lego Formula E and Jaguar I-Pace Set Review

Ever since I heard about this set I wanted to get it, and I was really impressed how detailed it is.

This set contains the models of the Panasonic Jaguar Gen2 Formula E car, and the Formula E's support series car, the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy racecar. Next to that, you get two minifigures - Formula E driver (looking at the number 20 on the car, I would say that it is Mitch Evans, or at least some sort of representation of him) and the Jaguar I-Pace driver which is a woman (in my view, I would say maybe Abbie Eaton or Katherine Legge, not sure about that one) and also the construction with the starting lights.

First of all, I didn't expect the size of the models to be as big, and also so detailed which is really impressive. The models are also There is also a whole lot of stickers, so if you don't like that or don't have steady hands, maybe you can find someone to put them on for you. I really enjoyed building this and also figuring out how the folks at Lego designed these models. The video of the build is shown below:

The whole Formula E car is spot on, starting from the diffuser at the back, the rear wings, the halo and the front where there is a really interesting design for the suspension. The Jaguar I-Pace is also really well designed, especially when looking at the back of the car with the diffuser, the rear wing and the rear lights. The front grill is spot on as well as the splitter.

Stickers are also well done as they bring the cars to life, but if you maybe like the basic Formula E livery you could maybe build the Formula E car without the stickers since the colors are more less the same as in the generic Formula E livery.

I find this whole idea of Formula E for a Lego set pretty interesting, because when the Speed Champions theme began, they started making all the historic race cars and also some actual Le Mans and Formula 1 sets, and I feel like this set is a fine addition to that pool, especially since the I-Pace could be considered as a Touring Car, which I think is the first of it's kind as well in the sets of this theme.

To sum up, I would highly recommend this set to every Formula E fan, since if you don't plan to play with it, it can be a pretty cool display on a shelf, work table or a coffee table of some sort.

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