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Paffet: "System side of things is the biggest change with Gen2 car"




Reigning DTM champion, Gary Paffet, shares how he is adapting to Formula E tech and what was his motivation to join the full-electric series


What was your motivation to join Formula E?
- For me, having won my second DTM title, I felt like I achieved everything I needed to in DTM, I didn't feel like there was anything else to achieve there, and being in the position I was, I was certainly not in a position to stop racing. I felt like I was, kind of, on the top of my game, and obviously the opportunity to come and do Formula E appeared with HWA and I thought it would be a great challenge, and I was, kind of, in a good position to do that.

Was it easy to adapt to Formula E after driving in DTM?
- No, no, very difficult. I'm still adapting, I am learning every weekend. It's a very different car, very different championship to DTM, even other series. It's taken time, it's taken a lot of effort to try and adapt to driving this car.

As you had the opportunity to test the Gen1 car, how do you compare it to the Gen2 that you are diving now?
- It's just a massive leap in technology really from the cars, so just things like the systems are completely different. The car itself, mechanically and aero-wise is slightly different, obviously, but the system side of things is the biggest change, and it's just a much nicer vehicle in regards to how the systems work and how you can work with the systems for the braking and things like that. It's just a much more refined car than what was Gen1 car.

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