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Theedrive "LIVE" at berlin season 6 finale - 9 days, 6 races

PHOTO: the e drive



Season that was halted by pandemic concludes at Berlin with 6 races


Berlin is the only city that was the host of Formula E races in all of the seasons, and again, all of the races will be contested at the old Tempelhof airport in the south of Germany's capital. We were present there last year, and this year we will have that same opportunity again.

This season finale will be different in comparison to other racing series around the world in the way that the officials have decided for the competition to run 9 days, and during that time Formula E drivers will tackle 3 different track configurations (image below) throughout 6 races. Double-headers that will take place at this 2.375 km long, temporary race circuit will happen on 5th and 6th of August, when the circuit layout will be reverse of the regular Berlin E-Prix circuit, then on 8th and 9th of August, the regular layout will be used, and the season will conclude with the completely new layout on 12th and 13th of August. 

Berlin layouts.png

Because of the laws in Germany that say that there cannot be more that 1000 people at a given site, the Formula E officials have presented an interesting and innovative concept - the Virtual Media Center where journalists can follow all the action on the circuit as well as all the press conferences. This has given us the opportunity to be in the center of all action in Berlin once again, and follow the finale of the 6th season of the first all-electric racing championship. If you want to know more about what transpired during the pandemic period, you can read this blog post on our site that presents all the main stories.

The Berlin Tempelhof circuit presented some truly great racing in the past years, and it probably wouldn't be any different this year.

Timetable of the first double-header is as follows (all time CET):

Wednesday, 5th of August
- 9:00-9:45, Free Practice 1
- 11:30-12:00, Free Practice 2
- 14:15-15:20, Qualifying 1
- 19:03-20:00, Race 1

Thursday, 6th of August
- 11:30-12:00, Free Practice 3
- 14:15-15:20, Qualifying 2
- 19:03-20:00, Race 2

We are inviting you to follow the website in the next couple of days, as we will follow and write about everything that is happening in Berlin and also all the quotes from the main competitors of Formula E.

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