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Drivers and team principals said this before the cars went out on track of Tempelhof airport


Allan McNish, Team Principal of Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler: It was a fantastic race for us last year, we were the first tim to get maximum points in a weekend, and the celebrations we had on saturday night were superb. We are in a better position in the championship this year as opposed to last year, and I am surprised about that. There's a lot to play for this weekend.

Roger Griffits, Team Principal of BMW i Andretti Motorsport: It's been a little bit of an up-and-down season so far, but we are still in contention with Antonio. We are not where we wanted to be in the Teams' championship, but if we were in this position last year we would have been pretty pleased. Whenever you succeed, it resets your expectations.

Ulrich Fritz, Team Principal of HWA Racelab: It's our first time here, and our home race, but the goals haven't changed since the beginning of the season. We could not expect to come here and be ultra competitive, because the others have 4 years of experience. We need to learn as much as we can, and take that forward for next year. We are racers and we, obviously, want to win and be on the podium, but we take each result possible.

We asked Roger Griffits and Ulrich Fritz how they got their new drivers up to speed with the Formula E tech:

Griffits: Alexander (Sims) has been a part of Andretti's test roster during season 3 and season 4. Racing in Formula E is a new experience for him, but driving a Formula E car is not. He is also paired with a very experienced team-mate, so Antonio has been helping and guiding him. He also has a quite experienced race engineer as well, so we pulled all the knowledge within the team. We share with him all we can, and we pass our knowledge onto him. He brings experience from other championships and he is a very strong test driver.

Frtiz: For us it's a bit different, both Stoffel and Gary are new to this category. Gary is a very experienced racing driver, he won DTM last year, and we are also working quite openly. Both cars share everything. We are trying to get the maximum, and they have much experience, so we just need to wait for the results to come.

Daniel Abt, Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler driver: I am quite confident this year, we don't have the highlights of last year, but when you look at the points, we are better than last year, and we are much closer to both championships. Everything is open, it's super tight, but we are here to win.

Gary Paffet, HWA Racelab driver: I expected this season to be tough, perhaps it's tougher than I expected. Difficulty of Formula E is that evey weekend is different and unique. In other series after three or four weekends you get a handle on the car, but here it's different. I think that until we experience the whole season and all racetracks, we won't be going to a race knowing what to expect.

Pascal Wehrlein, Mahindra Racing driver: I don't think I am in contention for the championship. I missed the first race, and it's my first season, so I still have a lot to learn, so I am taking the season race-by-race.

Tom Dillmann, Nio Formula E driver: Not having the performance to fight with top guys is a little dissapointing. It's my fist full season, so I got a bit more time to develop as a driver in Formula E. There was a bit more pressure last year, because I knew that if I had a bad weekend it would be my last in Formula E, but now I have come to terms with the team.

Question was asked to all the drivers, by our colleagues from Formula E Social, if a movie was made about them, which actor they would like to play them, and this is what they said:

Wehrlein: The Rock
Daniel Abt: Bradley Cooper
Paffet: I am a bit older, so George Clooney
Dillmann: Tom Cruise

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