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Podium finishers of Berlin E-prix, Lucas di Grassi, Sebastien Buemi and Jean-Eric Vergne said this after the race on Tempelhof Airport


Lucas Di Grassi, Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler driver, Winner of Berlin E-Prix: It's important to understand that there is no reason that, of course, you are driving your best, as fast as possible, but you also try to use as least of energy as possible. It's tricky to drive on the limit all the time. If I spend more energy to open a gap, and there's a safety car, I wasted that energy. Now it's my job to score as much points as possible, and try to do the best job I can.

Sebastien Buemi, Nissan e.dams, 2nd place: We are good in qualifying, but we are not as efficient, and not strong enough in the race. I cannot believe it's only our first podium after all the races we've had. From our side it has been really frustrating, because, we've been leading so many races and in the end we don't score points, so it's good to finaly see. 

Jean-Eric Vergne, DS Techeetah, 3rd place: It was really fun. It was a fantastic improvement from yesterday, when I was more than a second off the pace, and had a massive issue on the car. I was driving a new car this morning, and I knew it was going to be tricky, I lost a lot of time in turn one. In the race I overtook 4 or 5 guys in 3 or 4 laps. From that moment, it was a lot of fun. Third place was a maximum I could achieve today, and I like to leave the tack knowing that I've done my best.

A great discussion ensued when JEV paused Di Grassi and asked him how is it possible that the Nissan is faster when they all have the same power, but the Brazilian quickly turned the discussion to Buemi who said this:

They are crying all the time, if you had to choose a few actors, those two would be really good. They have already been on the red carpet so, they can go directly back. They always cry, of course we looked good in qualifying. We look bad in the race because we are not efficient, but they don't say it, they would just cry about the qualifying, they don't really say the truth. When they are quicker than you, they don't mind, when they are behind they cry.

We also got a short opportunity to talk to the current championship leader, Jean-Eric Vergne, who told us that his strategy of using attack mode under full-course-yellow was deliberate in order not to lose time, and he also said this about his plan to secure the title:

I need to keep doing good races, no mistakes, try to be fast and score more points than the others.

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