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massa: "I'm sure I chose right to race in formula e"




Former F1 driver, Felipe Massa, shares what are the weak points of Venturi this season, and who is the best team-mate he had.


What was your motivation to join Formula E?
- For sure you can call it motivation, it's a championship that definitely first of all is growing a lot, secondly, you have many, many good drivers, so the level is really high, and also it's fun, you are racing in city tracks, and there is a lot of overtaking, a lot of fights from the beginning to the end of the race. The fans are more and more interested about the championship, and it's definitely a really nice championship. I'm sure I chose right.

How did you have to alter your driving style when approaching Formula E?
- You need to change everything. You need to understand how to drive this car, you need to understand that you are in city tracks, with road tires. The car doesn't have any downforce, everything is different to what I used to have, so you need really to start from zero, and start to gather experience inside the category in many areas.

We are approaching the end of the season. What do you think are the strong features of your car and what needs to change or improve?
- Our car, this year, was competitive in shorter tracks I would say, like Hong Kong, Paris, or Monaco, even Mexico. This type of tracks we're quite competitive, maybe a bit less in the tracks with very long straights, like this one in Berlin. We need to understand how are we going to do here, but it's also true that we improved throughout the year. I really hope that we can be competitive even here.

What was the best racecar that you have driven so far in your career, and how do you compare other cars with Formula E?
- As I said, you cannot compare Formula E, it's completely different mentality, so for me, the best racecar I drove in my career was the Ferrari from 2008, but even 2006 and 2007 were good years.

Who was your best team-mate: Fernando, Kimi, Valtteri or Edo?
- Edo, Edo is the best (laugh). Well I think I have to say that I had always very good team-mates, but everyone was on different levels, so definitely the level of team-mates that I had was amazing.

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