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'Pechito' Lopez: "Formula E is different from anything you drove before"




Three time World Touring Car Champion and Toyota Endurance racer shares what makes Formula E different and also how is it like to work with Fernando Alonso


What was your motivation to join Formula E?
- I was, at that time, working with Citroen, and DS was taking part in the championship. For me it was a way to keep working with them, and also the level of the championship, drivers, the way the championship was growing, it was all part of my motivation to join.

Can you comment on your season so far?
- The season has been tough, when you look at the championship I have only three points, and it is not what I aimed for and what the team aims for. It's like that, but it's not impeding us to try to race harder, and achieve things.

How did you have to alter your driving style when approaching Formula E as opposed to, for example, Endurance racing or Touring Cars?
- I change everything, it's all on different level, here you are competing with ex-Formula 1 drivers, some of them have just retired, some of them have been there, champions from many series, the level of drivers is very high, but that is not the thing that made me change. This is a very different car to what I'm used to, to anything you have driven before, so you must adapt.

Can you share what is it like working with someone like Fernando Alonso in World Endurance Championship?
- Having Fernando in Toyota in this championship is great. To have a driver like him, he has raised the level from everyone in the team and it is important for the category as well. And also as a human being, we had fun, we enjoyed having him in the team, and we are a bit sad to see him leaving.

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