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Two time World Endurance Champion GEOX Dragon racer shares what Formula E car is like to drive, and reflects on the new eSports trend


1. Brendon, do you remember any anecdotes or stories about how you got introduced to motorsport? Was there a specific race, team or a driver that stood out to you that you said “I want to do this”?

- My earliest memories are watching my father race. He raced anything from single seaters, minis, dirt racing and more. From the moment I started racing go karts at ages 6, I was completely hooked to the competitive side of racing and how it was a combination of man and machine to win the race.

2. What was your motivation to join Formula E?

- The tough competition. Both teams and drivers.

3. How did you have to alter your driving style when approaching Formula E as opposed to, for example, Endurance racing or Formula 1?
-  Very different car with inferior grip, power and downforce but the addition of some of the most difficult tracks in the world and a new style of energy management and racing. Hard to compare differences but the competition from teams and drivers is among the best series in the world.

4. Can you comment on your season so far?
-  It was good to score a point during the first race weekend but there is no hiding that we have been hoping for more. The team are motivated and working hard to move up the grid for remaining races.


5. If this season eventually gets completed, what are your expectations for the coming races?

- The boys and girls at Dragon cannot be at the factory, they are all working hard to get software updates ready for when we do go racing again. I’m keeping in touch via email and phone.


6. Do you think Formula E can become the new Formula 1?

- The racing is exciting, different and the competition is one of the highest in motorsport.


7. Many racing championships have now embraced the Virtual world, and racing in simulation games. Do you feel like these Racing Sim Games can help drivers progress and better their driving styles and approach to racing?
- It’s completely different and I’m some ways is more difficult than the real thing. I think too much ‘gaming’ can also team bad habits if not close enough to reality. In any case it has kept the race world connected and provided entertainment to fans during these times.


8. What was the best racecar that you have driven so far in your career, and how do you compare other cars with Formula E?

-  Hard to compete with a modern Formula 1 car in terms of performance. On top of that it was something I had dreamed of. Formula E is equally challenging and enjoyable but in different way.  


9. Is there something off the racetrack that you are very good at? Are you a good cook?

- I brought a Guitar and organised a home sim to do a little online racing. It’s been fun to pick up the guitar again and a little frustrating to get my ass whipped in the eSports but still fun. Other than that, Sarah and I have been keeping fit with both exercise inside and local where we are lucky to have quiet trails and roads to run and cycle in. Cycling is by far my biggest hobby or passion outside of racing cars.  

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