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frijns: "more manufacturers means more competition, which is good for the sport"




Formula E & DTM racer, Robin Frijns, shares how Formula E influences driving style, and talks Putrajaya 2015. 


How do you look at the development of Formula E cars during the first four seasons?
- When you see the development that they have done from season 4 to season 5, in terms of the visual look of the car, it's quite a bit bigger. They are putting more power each year, and in the first season everybody looked down on it, as a joke really, but now, when it has established itself as a proper racing series, and there are very good drivers in it. The series grows each year, it's getting pretty big now, so hopefully that will continue. I cannot look in the future so I don't know if it will ever compete with Formula 1.

More, and more factory teams are joining Formula E. Is that a good thing?
- Of course, the more manufacturers, the better it is. In Formula 1 you have maybe 3 or 4, and Formula E has got about a double of it. It's always good for a series to have more manufacturers in, there is more competition so, it's always better for the motor sport itself.

How do you think that the years you spent in Formula E made you change your driving style or the way you approach racing?
- It's a completely different way of racing, with the energy saving that you need to do. It's also kind of a mental sport, you need to let people pass you because you are saving energy. I like it, it's more on feeling-wise.

In Putrajaya race in 2015, you had to keep your steering wheel turned to the right in order for you to go straight. What goes through your head and how do you cope with situations like that?
- I'm quite easy-going. It doesn't matter if I hit the wall, I just kept going and tried to finish the race. I'm never under stress when I'm racing, I'm really relaxed. People see that when they work with me. I'm easy-going, but still concentrated on what I'm doing.

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