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Guenther dominates to score Maserati's first single-seater
win since 1957

Guenther led into Turn 1 from pole while Dennis fended off Evans, despite the Kiwi briefly getting ahead, and Fenestraz - the French-Argentine leaping from seventh to fourth off the line.

Lap 4 saw leader Guenther jump through the loop for two minutes and the first of his two eight-minute total ATTACK MODE boosts - the first of the lead group to do so, with Dennis going a lap later and leapfrogging the German in the process. Evans took his first 50kW boost another lap later - leaving Dennis in the race lead once it all shook out.

Lap 9 and Evans pulled a blinding dummy on Guenther into Turn 1, sending the Maserati one way while diving up the inside of Turn 1 for second spot. Mortara did likewise to make it beyond reigning champion Vandoorne for fourth, in quick succession. Guenther didn't let it lie there, though. A lap later, he squeezed back by the Jaguar through the tight, twisty middle sector of the lap at Turns 9 and 10, then set about leader Dennis.

Once again, the fast, flowing Ancol Beach Circuit produced a cagey middle portion of the race as leader Dennis looked to bank as much energy as possible without giving up P1 and track position. The Brit positioned the car expertly to keep Guenther and Evans back while expending as little effort as possible. Dennis led Guenther, Evans, Mortara, Vandoorne, Fenestraz, da Costa, Wehrlein, Cassidy and Nato the top 10 on Lap 14.

The second round of ATTACK MODE activations began with Vandoorne, Fenestraz and Wehrlein heading through the loop for six, two and two minute 50kW boosts, respectively. The leaders hung on for another lap with Dennis blinking first and battling hard to scythe straight back by Evans while Guenther scrambled clear in the lead - the German getting the hammer down to make a gap and leapfrog Dennis for what would be a net lead when Evans' would head for his second ATTACK MODE boost.

Dennis knew he had to make amends and on Lap 19, he tried to go all the way around the outside of Guenther - looking to catch the Maserati driver unawares late on the brakes into Turn 1. Guenther was boxed in by leader Evans on the inside and the dirty part of the track but he was able to squeeze Dennis wide and hold fast.

On Lap 19, drama struck for standings leader Nick Cassidy. The Envision Racing driver made a rash attempt at a move up the inside of Porsche's Wehrlein when it didn't look on. He clipped his front wing and could recover only to 19th and last position. Could that attempt prove costly in the title race and be a move the Kiwi regrets come the final chequered flag of the season?

On the next tour, leader Evans had to jump for his final ATTACK MODE activation, leaving it a straight fight between Guenther, Dennis and himself the top three all on equal energy, with Wehrlein likely content to pick up any pieces from a net fifth, with his closest title rival out of the running.

On Lap 23 it looked as if the lead pair of Guenther and Dennis had checked out with Evans unable to live with their pace. They broke three seconds clear to set up a one on one fight to the flag for the win. From there, though, Guenther was able to draw out two seconds on even Dennis - surprising given the race pace we've seen from the Porsche 99X Electric's so far this season.

Into the final stages of the race and Lap 30, Guenther was able to hold Dennis at arms length some three seconds behind, while the Maserati racer had pulled 10 seconds out on the factory Jaguar of Evans - no mean feat.

The fight heated up further back, with Fenestraz lunging up the inside of Vandoorne, surprising the Belgian into the Turn 13 hairpin, with his Nissan teammate Nato following suit with Wehrlein profiting just a few turns later. Fourth to seventh in just a sector for the reigning champion who was caught unawares. A lap later and the Season 8 champion was 10th and on the brink of falling out of the points entirely, with da Costa, Mortara and Ticktum all making it by the DS PENSKE driver.

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