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The Story of Porsche - Formula E

#startfromzero documentary




Watch the full documentary in this article


Start From Zero goes behind the scenes to chart the journey of the Tag Heuer Porsche Formula E team and the brand new 99X Gen2 car from their first days of development, right up to their electric racing debut on the world stage as they line up against the most competitive line up in motorsport.

With one of the most successful track records in racing and a history dating back to the 1950s, Porsche is one of the most iconic names in motorsport. But now, after three decades, the German powerhouse returns to single-seater racing - albeit in a very different shape and form - with two cars and drivers in the all-electric ABB FIA Formula E Championship. 

Going up against one of the most competitive lineups in motorsport, the German manufacturer is starting its battle for the title from zero. Get it right and they are a real player in the electric game, get it wrong and the whole world will watch them fail.

Testing the marque's mettle, Porsche leaves behind the world of the internal combustion engine to take their first steps into the electric racing world. Watch the full, feature-length documentary charting the team's journey from zero to the start line of the season opener on the streets of Saudi Arabia. 

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