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Buemi: "Challenge of the gen2 car is making sure that you nail the qualy lap"




Endurance and former Formula 1 racer, Sebastien Buemi, compares the Gen1 and Gen2 cars, and shares what is the best racecar that he drove during his career


How do you look at the development of Formula E during the years and from the point when now you are driving the Gen2 car?
- I'm happy. I think it's evolving well, the races have been interesting. There's always few things you can improve, and so far I think that the evolution is nice and consistent so I am happy to be a part of it and I hope it will continue in the right direction.

How big of a challenge is to drive Gen2 car as opposed to Gen1 car?
- Just in qualifying, you feel much more power. It's a big challenge there to make sure that you nail a lap, but at the end it's not too different, it's the same kind of thing.

More-less it's the end of the season. What do you think are the strong features of your car, and what maybe needs to change or improve?
- I think we have done a great job in qualifying, clearly, we are the best team in qualifying on average, but we didn't score the points so I hope that now, after the Monaco weekend, where we scored quite a few points, we can continue in that trend and finish well in the championship.

What do you think is the key for you in order to achieve better race results?
- A bit of luck, I've been quite unlucky with many things, a bit making sure that we don't do any mistakes and if you put those two things together I am sure it's going to be ok.

How do you, as and Endurance racer need to alter your driving style when approaching racing in Formula E?
- Not so much, at the end they are both efficient racing championships - it's all about the efficiency. 

How do you compare V8 Formula 1 to the Formula E car?
- It's completely different and very hard to compare. Formula 1 remains much quicker, but here the principles of the championship are different, it's all about efficiency, so it's pretty difficult for a fair comparison.

What's the best racecar that you have driven in your career?
- It's hard to say. I think Formula 1, from the driver point of view, is the quickest car, so it's the best.

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