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Marquardt: "I think with Andretti we found exactly the right match"




BMW boss, Jens Marquardt, shares what made BMW fully commit to Formula E and also what were the reasons to choose their driver line-up


What made fully commit to Formula E for season 5 as a manufacturer?
- That is already a long time ago. We started in Formula E from the very beginning as the official vehicle partner with BMW i3 and i8, and we discussed with Formula E all the time in which direction the series should be moving. That was also basically in the year plan fixed by Formula E with everything that happened and that they had promised, we came closer to our full commitment which is now for season 5 with the new car, the Gen2 car, and the battery that lasts the whole race. For us, all the prerequisites were met, and there we are.

Two years ago we looked at partnerships, and with Andretti I think we found exactly the right match, we fit very well together so we're looking forward to the start of the season.

What made you choose the driver line-up as it is?
- Obviously Antonio has been involved in Formula E from the very beginning, he has been super quick there, probably not always with the equipment to fight for the very top. Hopefully he will have that now with iFE18, and Alex has been super quick in Formula cars, every car that we put him in, so I think that we have a strong line-up.

Did you have any testing with the new car, and what are your expectations ahead of season 5?
- For sure, we have done some testing, and there is more testing coming up - the Valencia test with everybody, so still some things to prepare.

As for the expectations, it's difficult to say, we don't know where everybody is. A brand new car, brand new systems, so you have to thoroughly prepared and we will see in the first race where everybody stands.

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