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Cyber protection company acronis becomes a partner of venturi formula e team




Founder of Acronis along with leading people of Venturi Formula E team shared the benefits of their partnership as well as how racing can be bettered by using modern technology


Acronis leads the world in cyber protection solving safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges with innovative backup, security, disaster recovery, and enterprise file sync and share solution, running on our cyber infrastructure or on-premises, or in the cloud or at the edge.

With dual headquarters in Switzerland and Singapore, they have 1300 employees in 30+ offices across the world, and before the Berlin E-Prix they have announced a partnership with Venturi Formula E Team.

A pioneer in the field of electromobility since 2000, Monaco-based Venturi President, Gildo Pastor was an early supporter of Formula E CEO, Alejandro Agag, when laying the foundations for what would become Formula E Championship has begun. In 2015, Venturi became Formula E approved manufacturer. Today, they are suppliers of the powertrain for the Venturi and HWA teams.

An event was organized to promote this partnership, and Serguei Beloussov, founder and executive officer of Acronis presented how such partnership works to guests and members of the media.

Modern sports are data-driven, and every bit of data is important to win. Acronis approaches this in five steps:
Backup & storage for large amounts of business and media data, telemetry and CCTV recordings.
Protection from ransomware attacks or unauthorized access or modification of data
Archiving & storage of massive of massive amounts of data with certification of authenticity
Secure data access file sync and share, internally and with 3rd parties
Artificial intelligence and big data analytics: winning strategies and player performance


Besides Venturi, Acronis is also a partner of football clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester City; Formula 1 teams: ROKIT Williams Racing and SportPesa Racing Point; Formula E teams: DS Techeetah and NIO; and many other car manufacturers and sports teams.

Cyber Protection for Venturi will help with large volumes of data, where each racing weekend a car produces 5GB, for a race it's up to 20GB total. As for the factory, about 20TB from a workshop server and simulator server alone is generated.





























At the race track, all data, applications and systems is cyber protected. Acronis provides easy, efficient, secure data share and distribution between track engineers and support engineers. Another project will be the use of AI technology to help transform the predictive analytics capabilities. It will analyze the data and assist drivers and engineers.

Team Principal of Venturi and former DTM and F1 racer, Susie Wolff was also present at the event and here is what she said about the benefits that Acronis brings: 

- The data that we produce is one of the most valuable parts of our performance, it's what we analyze and use to then improve and get better, it's where we see our big weaknesses, it's where we can see our strengths, and making sure that that's protected and not getting into the wrong hands and not allowing other teams to learn from our data, particularly with the technical suppliers that we are using. 

Damian Griffith, Chief Commercial Officer of Venturi, was the third person that participated in this discussion, and he also stated why Acronis will be an important partner:

- What Acronis brings will actually make a performance improvement to the team, so in a situation where in Formula E speed is everything, and by that I don't mean just the speed of the car, but also the speed of optimizing the car, speed of a race weekend - how fast things happen, this partnership can speed that up, by efficiency, by storage, by protection, by data, it's gold dust.

A use case will be to get the data, store it, protect it whilst it's stored and then transit it rapidly between two places. We are looking at every single technological advantage we can, and we will find ways, within regulations, to find advantage. Doing things like this with machine-learning are key.

Serguei Beloussov then touched upon the importance of driver skill, and how it also can be bettered:
- You cannot win races without data. In Formula E, driving skill is very important and ultimately, driver is an intelligent species, which has to make decisions very quick. A better driver can make a better decision faster, and if you can help the driver who is trained to make decisions better and quicker, or to augment driver performance, you can ultimately make your driver better.


I think there is a good chance and it's not normal today in science, whether this is the future, or a part of it, where the best scenario is a driver that is assisted by artificial intelligence. There is a case for such driving, because you don't really want to replace humans, but you can make humans more powerful and that's where machine-learning comes.

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